The Sunday Afternoon is my expression. I have this idea that every day of life has the potential to be just like a Sunday Afternoon . Productive, care free, easy breezy; It’s casual and sophisticated, sneakers and leathers, nudes and blacks. Inevitably, life is about comfort. I can remember being an undergraduate student at Norfolk State University and learning that, to manipulate the freedom that comes from structures; rules and boundaries. I believe in the possibility to be your true self and endlessly express your truth; yet, you can do so in accordance with society, with couth and decorum.

This is my story. It took me years to make an effort to become comfortable with the idea that life, according to me, does not always equate to real life. After years and years of being a dreamer and proclaiming to know exactly who I was, I have come to understand, that I didn’t, and that life is a never-ending story. This is a place to think progressively; to critique the standard of society, and more than anything, honestly harvest the truth.

Norfolk State University granted me the opportunity to hone the multitude of my talent. Above all, I believe in art, and theatre was, and still is, the finest cultivation of my experience. It equipped me with an understanding of virtually everything. All, applied through the vantage point of Theatre Performance/Arts education. That, mixed with a yearning for intellectuality has been the scope of my life. Art, Intellect, and being reared well are all the most basic sum of the person I am.

Now, I am increasingly interested in honing and nurturing the wanders of my mind,  in a effort to live on purpose.

I’m Keith Andre and this is The Sunday Afternoon.


One thought on “About

  1. Autumn Jenkins says:

    This is beautiful. I’m proud of you! Your writing skills are beautiful. A great way to express yourself.

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